Are Smartphone Accessories Like Wireless Charging Worth It? Info & Buying Guide for Wireless Charger Stand

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So there’s been a lot of talks recently about wireless charging. But what exactly is it? Is it worth getting, and what do you need to know before buying a wireless charger? Stick with us to find out. Welcome to ShopAsOnTv your home for tech and gadget reviews.

May I get a wireless charger for my device?

Yes, it is worth buying a wireless charger right now. First, let’s, actually outline what we mean by wireless charging. The concept of wireless charging is pretty simple, rather than plugging a cable into the switching port. It will enable you to charge your device without plugging the cable into the charging port of your device.

Working of a wireless charger

The charger will work on the principle of Electromagnetic induction. A primary coil of wire in the charging pad induces a current in the secondary coil of wire. The secondary coil is fixed in your device. In turn, it will charge the battery.

Technically it is not a wireless charger as there are still plenty of wires involved. But it is just easier calling it wireless charging for a detailed explanation of the science and history of electromagnetic induction.

Features of a wireless charger

The wireless charge uses automatic control technology. It has a built-in safeguard against overcharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage. This factor will help in protecting it from high temperatures. This charger guards your device battery against all such damages.

A phone case would not affect the charging process like in a wired charger. Please note that some products like metal phone accessories or credit cards would cause wireless charging failure.

Overall, wireless charging is a great technology to be a part of smartphone accessories.

It is easier to charge your device without plugging it into a fixed point. You can plug the adopter in the switch and charge your mobile while being inside its range. It will not stop charging even if you are moving inside its range. Also, it would not be costly because you would not have to think about changing of wire.

It will also allow you to easily charge several devices without having a big mess of cables. Wireless charges can be built into the car chargers by putting them down quickly and easily. They can also be built into furniture. You do not have to worry about cleaning the crud out of your charging port.

However, it has a problem that you can not easily use your device. It is because you have no chance to move out of its range that you even do not know. It is much easier with a cable charger to understand and use your device.

Types of wireless chargers

Not all devices currently support wireless charging. But this will likely improve over time. There are two most-used types are Qi Wireless charging and air-fuel. Qi will likely be the future as it is supported by most devices. Both the charger and the charging device will get warmer than the wired charging method.

It may include extra charges when you want to switch your device to a wireless charger. That is the main drawback because many users do not want to pay extra. So, they will remain stick with wired chargers and enjoy the working of their device.

What should you look at while buying a wireless charger? (Buyer Guide)

You may have to consider multiple sections while buying a charger. First, make sure you are buying a product from a reputable brand. It will deliver good, consistent power to your smartphone or tablet that you want to use for longer times.

You do not take the risk because it may provide horrible results for your device. You should check what should be compatible with your device. It will probably be either Qi charging or air/fuel.

Secondly, look at how many watts your device can charge most charges. You will have to see either five watts or 7.5 watts. Most current devices that support fast charging will charge up to 7.5 watts. But the latest Qi 1.2 standard goes up to 15 watts for particular devices.

So we recommend you get a charger with an output of at least 7.5 watts or 15 watts. If you want to be more future-proof then check either the charging pad includes a wall adapter or not. If not, you want to get one of the same wattages with this feature.

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Final Note

As more and more manufacturers support it and put it in their flagship devices. It all depends on you which type of charger you want to buy. If you’re happy with wired charging, you do not have to spend money to invest in wireless chargers.

You could wait until the technology is more widespread. In short, you should keep every factor in your mind while buying accessories for smartphones.

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