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Candles are one thing that most individuals assume to themselves eh, they’ll’t be 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 unhealthy, can they? Well, do you know that almost all candles are constructed from Paraffin Wax which, when burned, can flip into Toluene & Benzene, each of that are identified Carcinogens? In addition to the above, you then need to contemplate the wicks in most candles and the truth that they’re often constructed from heavy metals which then dispurses heavy metals into the air we breathe.

Between that, the artificial dyes, VOCs, and the fragrances present in most candles, it’s protected to say utilizing typical candles is polluting our indoor air for not solely you however anybody else within the dwelling together with youngsters, infants & pets. When it involves candles, I all the time select non-toxic or go for one thing like an important oil diffuser as an alternative! If you do need to use a candle nonetheless, you may see my prime selections right here, or hold an eye fixed out for the under! 🍃⁣

When Candle Shopping Look For-⁣

  • Look for candles constructed from solely Coconut, Beeswax, or Soy that has been examined for heavy metals.⁣
  • Only select candles with 100% cotton or wooden wicks to keep away from wicks that include lead.⁣
  • Make positive the scent is constructed from 100% important oils solely, no fragrances.⁣
  • Buy candles from a trusted supply that values your own home’s well being.⁣
  • Always ensure your candles are dye-free!

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