Best Pixel 6 Chargers: SUPCASE, Spigen, Anker, Samsung, and even more

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Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 on a table

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have actually been actually readily available for a little bit of over a month today, and if you’ve lately received your palms on either one, you might possess located out that Google no more ships a billing adapter in package, sending out simply a USB-C to USB-C cable television. Thus, if you’re on the search for ways to maintain your Pixel 6 Series unit demanded and all set to go, review this write-up to learn regarding a number of the best battery charger alternatives readily available on the market place.

Best USB PD Chargers for Pixel 6


SUPCASE USB C Charger with Folding Prongs

The SUPCASE USB-C Charger is an extra with pair of USB Ports, one USB-A and one USB-C. Its overall outcome of 20W will guarantee your Pixel costs properly by means of USB PD. And if you’ve currently acquired a SUPCASE pay for your Pixel 6, this device will look simply right along with your phone. A potato chip on the within contributes in guaranteeing your unit is certainly not anxious while asking for, and the collapsible point layout creates the adapter very easy to load when on the road.


The SUPCASE USB-C Charger includes pair of slots, one USB-A and an additional USB-C. Its 20W ability is perfect to demand up your tools properly within a brief stretch of your time.

Anker Nano II

Anker Nano 2 Charger 30W Version
Source: Anker

Anker Nano II is a 30W GaN Charger efficient in giving your Pixel with adequate electrical power for a time in a brief time frame. Since it sustains USB-C PD (PPS), our team believe it will adhere to the exact same criterion that Google’s formal 30W adapter performs and will deliver fifty per-cent of butt in 30 mins.

This device can easily also fee note pads and tablet computers. But its own essential marketing factor is its own sleek type element which will permit you to toss it right into small spaces or use it without obstructing accessibility to various other connect slots.

Anker Nano II

Anker Nano II sustains USB-C PD (PPS) and costs Phones, Tablets, and Notebooks. It’s the excellent device to hold or use at home.

Anker PowerPort PD 2

Anker PowerPort PD 2 in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerPort PD 2 is the asking for device to grab if you do not care for the fastest asking for rates and prefer to possess a unit that is functional and very easy to load for a journey. It includes pair of slots, a USB-C that sustains the PD criterion, and a USB-A which utilizes Anker’s Powerintelligence quotient advertising, implying it can easily bill your tools with 12W of electrical power and handle it well. The USB-C device can easily outcome an optimum of 20W, however with the Pixel 6, customers must consider 18W of input electrical power.

As mentioned previously, the PowerPort PD 2 is very easy to load for a journey. We stated this as a result of the retracting points, which fold up right into the construct of the battery charger.

Anker PowerPort PD 2

The PowerPort PD 2 is excellent for customers that demand USB-A or USB-C slots. Its retracting points also create it excellent for lugging in an accessory sleeve.

Google 30W USB-C Charger

Pixel 6 Official Charger
Source: Google

Google’s 30W USB-C device is the device to decide on if you wish to guarantee your Pixel 6 maximizes its own asking for functionalities. The unit ships with simply a USB-C to USB-C cable television, which will set with this device coming from the OEM. Its list points out that utilizing it will guarantee your phone costs up to fifty per-cent within 30 mins.

It’s also readily available in a Charger and Cable package just in case you desire an additional cable readily available. The maker also states it utilizes recycled components to make the plastic unit.

Google 30W USB-C Charger

The nonpayment device to obtain for your Google Pixel 6. It vows fifty per-cent butt in 30 mins by means of USB-C PD (PPS).

Best Wireless Chargers for Pixel 6

Pixel Stand 2nd Generation

Pixel 6 on Pixel Stand 2nd Gen
Source: Google

If you’re searching for cordless battery chargers for Pixel 6, the second-generation Pixel Stand needs to go to the leading of your checklist. This accessory utilizes the Qi basic and can easily demand the basic style at 21W and the Pro style at 23W — which are also their highest possible wired asking for rates.

When you position your phone on it, the unit can easily serve as a Nest Hub, enabling you to manage temp, illuminations, safety cams, and a whole lot even more. If you have every other Google items, like Pixel Buds, they can easily also fee on the platform. And if you’re fretted about home heating, an integrated supporter will try to always keep asking for tools cool down.

Pixel Stand (2nd age group)

The second-generation Pixel Stand is the device for those wanting to wirelessly bill their tools and take advantage of its own intelligent home functionalities.

Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen Wireless Charger
Source: Spigen

The Spigen Wireless Charger is an accessory efficient in asking for Pixel tools at 15W. If you’re searching for a unit that obtains the job performed and appears visually satisfying, this is most likely the one for you. The rubber pad on the asking for area will guarantee your phone is certainly not sliding around when positioned, and the one under will carry out the exact same for the battery charger on its own.

The accessory ships with a 6.6ft USB-C to USB-C cable television in its own product packaging, and it is actually also situation helpful; if it is actually up to 5mm thick. Anything more thick, and you will need to have to take it off for asking for.

Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen’s Wireless Charger is a cordless asking for device that supplies a good price to functionality proportion. It can easily bill your Pixel 6 with 15W of electrical power.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Alloy Wireless Charger
Source: Anker

The Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger is a unit excellent for those wanting to bill their Pixel 6 in the living space or the research study. Its very little layout and light weight aluminum construct create it excellent to match any sort of house. The consisted of 5ft USB-A to USB-C cable television will also support with cable television control.

It possesses an optimal outcome of 15W for tools and includes a non-slip pad on the leading and a non-slip band under. The tiny LED also possesses showing off and different colors methods which can easily aid notify customers regarding the asking for standing — whether it is actually on-going or blocked somehow.

Anker PowerWave

The Anker PowerWave device delivers 15W cordless charging and a light weight aluminum unit, creating an extra that’ll accommodate well right into houses.

Best Power Banks for Pixel 6

Anker PowerCore III

Anker Power Core 3 Power Bank in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerCore III is a 10000mAh electrical power financial institution that sustains USB-C PD and also possesses a cordless asking for area efficient in 10W asking for. The USB-C slot can easily outcome 18W. Its bundle includes a USB-C to USB-C cable television and a lugging bag.

Users can easily also use the device as a passthrough device through asking for the electrical power financial institution and putting their phone atop the cordless pad to electrical power it.

Anker PowerCore III

Anker PowerCore III is a 10000mAh electrical power financial institution that function USB-C PD, Qi Wireless Charging and a USB-A slot.

Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery

Samsung 25W Power Bank with Wireless Charging
Source: Samsung

The Samsung 25W Wireless Portable is an additional 10000mAh tissue that’s excellent for fast top-ups. It includes twin USB-C slots and a cordless asking for pad efficient in 7.5W asking for. If you’ve obtained a Galaxy Watch 4 to accompany with your Pixel 6, you can easily also bill it on this device.

The Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery attributes Qi Wireless Charging and USB-C PD connection for assisted tools.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

Anker PowerCore Essential in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerCore Essential is a 20000mAh electrical power financial institution with help for USB PD. Its USB-C slot possesses an outcome of 20W, while the USB-A slot can easily take 18W. The huge ability of this particular battery charger must manage to deliver your Pixel 6 with roughly 4 complete costs, while the 6 Pro must manage to obtain 4.

The device also ships with a USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C wires. There’s also a traveling bag to enhance convenience while journeying.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

The Anker PowerCore Essential is a 20000mAh electrical power financial institution excellent for a lengthy time out. Its slot assortment is also a conveniences.

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