Convert Your USB Dongle to a WiFi Router: A Step-through-Step Guide

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Convert Your USB Dongle to a WiFi Router: A Step-by-Step Guide on a TP-link or DLink router

Lately, it feels like there are a zillion ways to link your gadgets, however the majority of them demand the main thing: a WiFi modem. And while they’re rather very easy to discover and purchase, the rates can easily differ considerably. Even if you perform get one, the best WiFi hubs out there will prepared you back a minimum of $100. Thus, to spare price, you might require to check out ways to change a USB dongle in to a WiFi modem.

The best means to obtain a WiFi sign in every aspect of your home is through buying a hub. These gadgets are even more pricey than various other WiFi possibilities, however they provide a more powerful sign and the capacity to increase your system as required.

However, certainly not everybody can easily pay for one. If you’re seeking a cost effective substitute that still supplies a sturdy sign obtain a USB dongle, This is just how to change your USB dongle in to a WiFi modem:

  • First, link your USB dongle in USB port.
  • Then, utilizing a LAN cable television attach the laptop pc with with the modem. The LAN cable television will be actually the input for your laptop pc web. You might require a LAN adapter for some laptop computers.
  • Open your web web browser and kind 192.168. 1.254 or a comparable internet protocol deal with. You can easily affirm your internet protocol deal with coming from your modem’s summary or setup manual.
  • The internet browser will provide you the modem arrangement page. Specify your ISP (For instance instance: AT&T)
  • On the internet interface, prepared the needed areas consisting of a code and username.

Instead of purchasing a WiFi modem, why certainly not use one thing you’ve actually gotten inside your home? That’s right, your USB dongle! You only require some resources and concerning 30 mins for this job. It’s certainly not difficult and it doesn’t demand any type of energy source so it may be carried out anywhere. Plus, it sets you back a lot less than 10 dollars!

Decide on a USB dongle

The initial step is to make a decision which USB dongle you’d such as to change. You can easily use any type of one that possesses a potato chip on it. The very most prominent are those for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

The initial step within this procedure is to choose a USB dongle. These gadgets change the WiFi sign coming from your cable box in to a cordless system for each of your gadgets.

There are various kinds of dongles, so it’s best to carry out some analysis before buying. To begin, you’ll require one that assists 802.11ac and a minimum of 300 Mbps velocities, or even additional. You’ll also yearn for one with a great selection.

What perform you require to carry out to create this job?

USB dongles are an amazing choice for those that require WiFi accessibility in one place. However, if you intend to use it on several gadgets concurrently, this is certainly not a realistic choice. To create your USB dongle job like a hub, you will requirement:

  • A USB dongle
  • An Ethernet cable television
  • A pc with an accessible USB slot
  • A notebook or desktop to use as your WiFi modem

Connect the modem to your gadget

In purchase to change your USB dongle in to a WiFi modem, you require to very first attach the modem to your gadget. There are 3 various ways to carry out this. You can easily obtain a 2nd USB port and connect in the modem in to it.

If you don’t intend to obtain a 2nd USB port, you can easily discover an available system on your gadget and link it certainly there. Lastly, you might use the cloud – if your gadget is attached to the web, you can easily use Google Drive or Dropbox as a hotspot for the WiFi modem.

Setting up the WiFi system

Before you get started, you’ll require to obtain a USB WiFi dongle that functions with your personal computer. You can easily discover these at any type of electronic devices retail store or online.

If you possess an apple iphone or ipad tablet, there are various kinds of WiFi hubs on call in the Apple Store.

Once you get one, link it to your personal computer by means of USB and observe the guidelines that happened with the gadget to establish a cordless system.

How to attach dongle to WiFi modem

First, you will require a USB dongle. Some great ones to think about are the TP-Link N300 or the Cisco Valet Plus WiFi.

Then, you will require an ethernet cable television and your WiFi modem. Plug the ethernet cable television in to the USB slot on your modem and then connect it in to your personal computer’s Ethernet slot.

Your web sign must be actually appearing on your Wi-Fi setups display screen currently! If certainly not, you might require to enter your system setups and choose the cordless system that is transmitting coming from the modem.

Now that you have actually established your WiFi hookup for your personal computer, you can easily use this exact same procedure with any type of gadget that possesses Wi-Fi abilities. This features laptop computers, mobile phones, tablet computers, and so on.

How to attach 4G dongle to WiFi modem

If you intend to change your USB dongle in to a WiFi modem, all you require is an outdated personal computer and some standard understanding of media.

Start through attaching the dongle to the personal computer with a system cable television. Next, visit to your modem’s management page. Once certainly there, choose the cordless setups button (or whatever button is pertaining to your certain style) and change the SSID and cordless security password.

This approach may be used for attaching 4G dongle to the DLink WiFi modem, Netgear, TP-Link, Asus, and various other companies with a USB slot.

Convert 3G dongle to WiFi adapter

If you possess a USB dongle coming from your smart phone firm, you can easily change it in to a WiFi modem through complying with these actions.

  1. Connect the 3G dongle to your personal computer and available the control board on Windows.
  2. Click on “Network and Sharing Center” and pick “Set up brand new hookup or system.” In the home window that turns up, pick “Connect to a work environment.”
  3. Enter in the proper relevant information concerning your job or home system for these areas: Work or Home Network Name, Username, Password, Security Type, and Sharing possibilities.
  4. Select “Create Virtual Hard Disk.” This will generate an .ovf documents that may be used eventually to link this wifi adapter to various other pcs in your home.
  5. Plug in your USB dongle in to an additional personal computer jogging Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1 or Vista SP2. The very first time you perform this on any type of provided personal computer, you will require to experience the common create procedure for this gadget (setting up vehicle drivers).
  6. Open Control Panel once more and click on “Network and Sharing Center” then pick “Set up brand new hookup or system.” In the home window that turns up, pick “Connect to a work environment” then meet your relevant information as essential (job/home system label, username and security password). You will currently find each systems on call on

How to bring in a USB WiFi adapter in to a WiFi Router

A USB WiFi adapter is an unit that connects into a USB slot on your laptop pc or desktop computer to attach to the web. It’s very easy to discover one and they may be reasonably budget friendly. However, transformed out, there’s additional you may do with them than use them as an easy web hookup. You may really switch your USB WiFi adapter in to a WiFi modem through complying with these actions:

  1. Plug the WiFi adapter in to any type of available USB slot on your laptop pc or desktop computer.
  2. Turn off the WiFi hookup on your personal computer.
  3. Turn on the “Share Internet Connection” embeding in Windows 10 – Windows 8 – Windows 7 – Vista – XP.
  4. Once you have actually finished these actions, look for brand new cordless systems and you must find one called “WiFi Network” with an SSID of “WiFi Network 2.4GHz” or “WiFi Network 5GHz” relying on which regularity selection it assists. Select this system and meet a code if you intend to generate safety and security for it and then attach to it coming from various other gadgets to access the web by means of it.

Can dongle be actually used as WiFi adapter?

USB dongles are a useful resource for cell phone proprietors that require to access the web without utilizing information or intend to link their personal computer to the web when they don’t possess an accessible WiFi sign. They link into your USB slot and generate a WiFi hotspot that links to the web, thus you can easily use your gadget as if it were actually attached to a system by means of WiFi.

If you intend to change your USB dongle in to a WiFi modem, observe these actions:

  1. Remove the USB adapter coming from the dongle.
  2. Use a paper fastener or needle to press openings in the covering of the dongle.
  3. Insert the USB adapter back in to the dongle.
  4. Plug in your brand new WiFi modem to an electrical outlet and delight in

How to create dongle WiFi hotspot

The primary thing you require to carry out is discover a USB dongle that possesses an exterior aerial. This will enable the dongle to sustain several gadgets instantly, boosting your WiFi selection. Next, pick a place for your modem near an energy electrical outlet and link it to your cable box with an Ethernet cable television.

Take the Ethernet cable television coming from the cable box and connect it in to some of the integrated slots on the USB dongle.

Now, take an additional Ethernet cable television and connect it in to some of the available slots on your USB dongle (don’t bother with which slot). Now, take the various other end of that Ethernet cable television and connect it in to an available slot on your WiFi modem.

Just like that, you currently possess a WiFi hotspot! You can easily use this hotspot to attach any type of gadget with WiFi capacity (e.g., laptop pc, smart device, tablet computer) in any type of place in your home or workplace.

How to attach Jiofi to modem with USB

You require to get an ethernet cable television, WiFi modem, and a USB dongle with built-in WiFi. These are the actions:

  1. Connect the ethernet cable television to your cable box and connect it in to the WAN slot on your WiFi modem.
  2. Connect the various other point of the ethernet cable television to some of the LAN slots on your WiFi modem.
  3. Plug in your USB dongle in to a USB slot on your personal computer.
  4. Open up an internet internet browser and kind in the deal with pub and push enter into.
  5. Type in admin for each username and security password, then push login. MEASURE 6: Click on Wireless Routers coming from the left side sidebar food selection, then click Add New Connection.
  6. Choose Static INTERNET PROTOCOL Address coming from the pop-down menu and prepared internet protocol Address to 192.168.2x (where x is any type of variety in between 2-254).
  7. Enter Subnet Mask as and Gateway as 192.168.2x (where x is any type of variety in between 2-254)
  8. Once carried out, finish the actions as observes are you are attached.


With all this broach the Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic makeover, it’s very easy to neglect that there are still a ton of workplaces around the globe with just wired web. It may be a significant aggravation for workers when making an effort to operate from another location or when somebody requires to use the web for a necessary appointment.

The most common way to solve this problem is by installing a separate hotspot device. Here are some steps on how you can convert your USB dongle into a WiFi router.


Why would I want to convert my USB dongle into a router?

Converting your USB dongle into a WiFi router is an affordable alternative that still offers a strong signal. If you don’t have the money to buy a router, converting your USB dongle will help you extend your WiFi signal throughout your home.

Can I plug a dongle into a router?

As we said, USB dongles offer a strong WiFi signal. However, they’re usually limited to a smaller radius of coverage than a router. The major downside is that the WiFi signal dies off the farther you are from the dongle. That’s why we recommend plugging your dongle into an old router with spare ports. The ports don’t have to be active, but it does need to have power and be connected to an outlet for this to operate

What are the challenges in converting a USB dongle to a router?

The process is an advanced project that requires some technical knowledge about computers and networks. Before you get started on this project, it’s best not to attempt it unless you know what you’re doing. Doing so can easily induce irrecoverable harm to your personal computer or system which might bring about down time or non-functioning gadgets down the road.

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