Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk Lamp Speaker Is Now Less Ugly

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Ikea and Sonos are back at it with one more audio speaker that functions as home furniture. This opportunity around, the business are rejuvenating their Symfonisk dining table light audio speaker, and thank the lord it doesn’t look as ugly as the final one. In enhancement to much better aesthetic appeals, the desk light also has actually updated its own components for much better audio.

If you don’t recollect what the initial Symfonisk light appeared like… that’s for the best. The essence is that it had a wacky concept, a somewhat sizable bottom, and can be found in restricted different colors possibilities. Unlike the Symfonisk shelf sound speakers, it was actually an obstacle obtaining the light to assimilate with your home rather than sticking out like a painful finger. With the brand new light, it seems to be that Ikea and Sonos recognized they messed up the very first time around.

“Since introducing the 1st Symfonisk desk light audio speaker, our team found out a great deal regarding just how and where they are being actually used. For instance, a bunch of folks use the light audio speaker on a night table, which led us to develop a brand-new, a little smaller sized light bottom,” claimed Stjepan Begic, item creator at Ikea, in a claim. “We’re currently also offering clients much more concept options, creating the light audio speaker a far better suitable for their private properties.”

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Image: Ikea

This opportunity it’s still type of goofy, however at the very least it possesses a somewhat smaller sized bottom and some fascinating lamp shade possibilities. They’re still an extremely details Scandinavian visual, however this is Ikea. The disadvantage is that rather than a singular item, the Symfonisk desk light is currently being actually marketed as 2 distinct items: the audio speaker bottom, and the lamp shade. The audio speaker bottom is available in dark. The lamp shades been available in cloth and glass components, in either dark or white colored. The brand new light will also assistance E26/E27 light bulbs.

More notably, what’s the audio speaker’s audio top quality like? Sonos mentions it must can a “much more room-filling audio” because of an overhauled audio construction that makes use of “personalized waveguides.” Like various other Symfonisk sound speakers, the brand new light audio speaker may be assembled with various other Sonos and Symfonisk sound speakers.

The brand new Symfonisk dining table light will be actually on call beginning Oct. 12. The bottom will retail for $140. The cloth umbra sets you back $29, and the glass umbra is a little much more pricey at $39.

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