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The Levoit Core 300S is a reasonably portable sky cleanser that was actually developed to deal with a much smaller place (essentially, certainly not much larger than 219 straight shoes) and there are a number of fascinating add-ons, one being actually the QuietKEAP modern technology that preserves the sound quite low, while the various other is the reality that our company’re handling with a clever gadget.

I evaluated the LV-PUR131S intelligent True HEPA sky cleanser coming from Levoit a number of years back and the supplier has actually experienced a number of productions of sky cleansers, the most up to date being actually the Core collection. And it carries out seem to be to find with a couple of renovations, type of. The initially is the above mentioned potential to maintain the sky cleanser soundless, particularly throughout the evening, however the 3-stage True HEPA filtering unit existed on the Levoit sky cleansers 2 years back as well.


There is also the VortexAir modern technology which Levoit claims, must be actually much better at raising the sky flow on a bigger place. But I recognize that very most individuals will be actually looking at the intelligent functionalities of the sky cleanser and it seems to be that Levoit is still utilizing the VeSync application, consisting of the help for vocal command by means of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I wonder to observe if the intelligent application has actually felt better over times and if it’s worth putting in in to the Levoit Core 300S, particularly due to the fact that it’s ideal for a much smaller place. So, without further confusion, allow’s place it to the examination.

Design and Build Quality

As anticipated, the Levoit Core 300S is exact same to the Core 300, the previous only possessing the WiFi adapter built-in, therefore assume a round plastic situation dealt with through a white colored matte coating. And the situation is reasonably portable, assessing 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 ins (22 x 22 x 36cm), so it’s very easy to place it virtually throughout the space, particularly due to the fact that it possesses that minimal look, one thing unique for each Levoit sky cleanser that I evaluated up until now. The place that is going to promptly entice your focus is the leading of the sky cleanser and that’s since Levoit has actually placed certainly there all the managements and the vortex-like plastic result is also a good style, although a little excessive used through mostly all makers of sky cleansers. I’ve also viewed it on the Pomoron DH-JH01.


The leading is where the sky is being actually pressed out after being actually filteringed system, therefore see to it to certainly not cover this place with everything. The sky consumption is behind the round body, in the direction of all-time low one-half and, if you transform the gadget upside-down, you’ll observe the 4 plastic shoes that make certain that the Levoit Core 300S doesn’t shift and there’s also what looks like a manage. You may relocate counter-clockwise to turn all-time low component out and leave open the interior HEPA filter. I’ve viewed this method on the Pomoron DH-JH01 as well and it’s a significantly authentic layout selection for tools as portable as the Core 300S, however I carry out accept that I suched as the magnetic closing device on the LV-PUR131S a great deal much more.

In any type of situation, ensure that before powering on the sky cleanser, you clear away the plastic cover that safeguards the HEPA filter. The wire is connected to the body of the gadget, however it’s reasonably long, assessing 6.6 shoes (2 gauges), so it will quickly reach out to an electrical power outlet. Returning to the leading of the Levoit Core 300S, I need to have to point out that I was actually welcomed through a flying start overview and that’s excellent since you can’t actually overlook clearing away the cling wrap through this. And you also obtain a fast sight on just how to use the switches, however they’re reasonably instinctive in any case, as a result of the sizable symbols (and the LEDs radiating coming from below). In the center, there’s the energy switch and neighboring it, there’s the Fan Speed Indicators (3 degrees) on top and the Timer Indicator near the bottom.


On the left, you get to readjust the rate of the follower, allow the Sleep Mode and established a cooking timer, while on the right, there’s the Auto Mode switch, the Display Off switch and the Display Lock switch (for stopping youngsters coming from toughening up with the gadget). I also need to have to point out the WiFi clue and the examination filter clue, which will brighten to allow you recognize that you must change the filter (it’s merely an idea, so the gadget will remain to work – you may also recast it through pushing and storing the Sleep Mode for 3 few seconds). In in between the external LEDs and the Power LED, there is a mild band which will present the sky top quality in the space. Ideally, it must be actually blue and, if the LED receives reddish, then the sky top quality is bad. This band is linked to the Auto Mode since it also counts on the sky top quality sensing unit to readjust the rate of the ventilator as needed.

Features and Performance

I have tested a few sky purifiers that were suitable for smaller areas, such as the Partu BS-08 or the Pomoron DH-JH01 and it seems that the Levoit Core 300S will cover pretty much the same area, since it’s rated at 219 square feet (or 20 m2). So yes, the air purifier should be able to handle a larger room or a smaller open space and I also need to mention that the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is 141 CFM / 240 m3/h which is interesting since it’s better than the LV-PUR131S (but still way below the LV-H133). While the fan speed level was set to medium, I have tested the air purifier in a fairly large room (about 250 square feet) and it took a bit over an hour to clean the air – various aromas from the kitchen + cigar smoke.


Sure, the power and efficiency of the motor is important, but let’s be honest, an air purifier is as good as its filters and the good news is that the Levoit Core 300S does have a 3-stage H13 True HEPA filtration system. What this means is that there is a Pre-Filter which is very useful for capturing the larger particles, such as pet hair and larger piece of dirt or dust.
Next, there’s a H13 True HEPA Filter which, apparently, is considered ‘medical-grade’ and it can capture particles that are as small as 0.1 microns in diameter – the advertisements say that the filter can capture up to 99.95% of particles. This should ensure a properly clean air and, to remove odors, there is an additional layer that consists of Activated Carbon (it’s quite good with smoke). As you may have noticed, the device is Ozone-free (doesn’t use anions), which has been the standard for Levoit for the last few years and, considering my asthma, I do think, that it should be the standard market-wise.

I know that you may be wondering how you can clean the filters in order to use them for a longer period of time. The filter needs to be replaced after 6-to-8 months of constant use, but you also need to keep the pre-filter clean, so it lasts longer. To do so, use a soft brush or a vacuum hose to clean the large particles every two to four weeks. There are some filters on the market that can be washed, but I found no information from Levoit that the 3-stage filter is washable.

Another important factor to take into account before purchasing an air purifier is the noise level. Unless you plan to keep it outside the bedroom, then you do need it to be fairly quiet, especially at the lowest setting.

And most are, but Levoit prides itself with the ability to keep the Core 300S super quiet by relying on what it calls the QuietKEA Technology. I took a small sound meter and checked how loud the Levoit Core 300S really gets. On the first fan level, I saw around 40-41dB at about 4-5 feet from the air purifier and, at the second level, the meter showed around 44dB. At the highest fan level, the noise did not get higher than 47dB. After enabling the Silent Mode, I noticed that the LED lights went dark and the fan got very, very quiet. I live fairly close to a trafficked area, so I could not get the meter to go below 34dB and the Levoit Core 300S was clearly less noisier than that. This means that it won’t disturb during the night at all.

Lastly, I decided to check the power consumption and to do so, I took a Gosund smart plug and I checked the data that it was displaying while the Silent Mode was enabled. As expected, the power consumption was low, a little above 3W. At level one, the power consumption was 5.4W, at level two, it was between 9.5 and 10W and the highest fan level will require an average of 15.5W. So yes, it is one of the most efficient air purifiers that I tested, showing a better power consumption than the Pomoron DH-JH01 and the Partu BS-08.

The App

The Levoit Core 300S is a smart air purifier, so it can connect to an app and, in our case, it’s the same VeSync that we saw a couple of years back. There are a few improvements, especially in the design department, but the pairing process seems to be roughly the same.


After installing the app, I logged into the account (if you’re new, then you have to create a new one) and then I could allow the app to discover compatible devices from the network, I had to give it access to Bluetooth and, optionally, if I wanted to receive notifications (I chose not to). Additionally, there is also a Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, where you essentially agree for the manufacturer to collect data about you and potentially sell it (or distribute it) to its partners. Unfortunately, this is the default with most tech companies, so let’s move forward (there is a non-smart version the Core 300 which does not have any smart features). The app discovered the air purifier and, afterwards, I had to connect to a 2.4GHz network (does not support 5GHz). Lastly, I selected the location, gave the device a name and updated the firmware.

After that, I could get access to the GUI. And it’s well designed, with a fan animation in the middle and there you’ll also see the Indoor PM level (air top quality) – tap on it to see more info. In my case, it was 42μg/m3 which is very good and there was also a history graph over the day and week (including the variation in the fan speed). The app will allow you to readjust the fan rate or enter the Sleep Mode and, towards the bottom, there are three main buttons. One will allow you to schedule when the air purifier will turn on, the ventilator speed and if the display will be enabled, the next is the On/Off button and the last will set a quick Timer for when the Levoit Core 300S will turn off. But there is more – just slide up from the bottom.


This way, I could see the Filter Life (you get the option to buy a new filter from the app itself), how many hours the device has been running and how much air has been cleaned. Towards the bottom, you get turn on or off the display, enable the Display Lock and configure the Auto Mode.
It can be Default, where the air quality will dictate the fan speed, it can be Quiet, where the priority is to keep a low noise level or it can be Efficient which will quickly clean up the amount of space that needs its air to be clean using the highest available fan speed.
Note: A remote control would have actually been nice as well, but it’s more of a wishlist item and less of a complaint.


Whether you’re in a rental or simply like to travel a lot, a smaller, portable sky purifier is going to be better than carrying those larger units around and yes, the Levoit Core 300S does cater to the people that need to quickly clean up a smaller area. I did like that there is a 3-stage filter which is not that common with inexpensive air cleansers, the noise levels are good, the power consumption is fairly low and the pairing to an app is a welcomed bonus. That being said, if you’re in the market for this type of devices, definitely give the Levoit Core 300S a chance.

Levoit Core 300S

Levoit Core 300S


  • Three-stage filtration system
  • The device can run very quiet
  • The power consumption is fairly low
  • There is an app
  • The controls are easy to use


  • It will work great in smaller sized places.


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