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Sharing my complete evaluation on the Lumen metabolic process system and if it’s worth it. This blog post is certainly not financed, yet if you’re intrigued in making an effort Lumen, you may use my affiliate hyperlink and code FITNESSISTA for an additional 10% off!

One of the absolute most typical concepts I listen to in the fitness planet (online and with my 1:1 online and in-person customers) is the of idea metabolic process. It modifications and work schedules eventually, and while it may definitely operate in your support, it may also be actually difficult to hack and recognize. 

What the hell is your metabolic process? Your body’s metabolic process is the procedure where it changes food in to power, either to become used promptly or saved for later use. Metabolism may have an effect on plenty of various variables: body weight loss/maintenance/gain, sleep, body immune system, fitness functionality, power degrees, life expectancy, and blood glucose reliability.

Metabolic versatility is the vital knowledge in to just how well your metabolic process is performance. You desire your body to become capable to quick and easy button in between making use of carbohydrates and excess fats as an energy resource, relying on what’s accessible. Our metabolic versatility may be strengthened through our diet (especially via macro control), exercises, and attend between dishes. 

Knowing just how your metabolic process is operating may be a principal in creating your customized diet strategy and workout session program, and this is where Lumen can be found in. Lumen is the very first portable metabolic process system and I’ve been actually utilizing it right now for a little bit of over a month! I’m thus pushed to discuss my understandings with you -I’ve discovered a lot!!! – and speak about whether I presume this little bit of device is worth applying in your program. 

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker was actually introduced in 2020, and the creators are paired sis Merav and Michal, that are both Ironman champions (!!!) and PhDs in anatomy. They developed this metabolic process system as a budget-friendly and handy technique to check metabolic feature, and tweak nutrition and way of living pointers based upon this information. 

You infuse the Lumen (even more information on just how to accomplish this listed below) and the CO2 degrees in our breathing spell assists Lumen to calculate our Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER). It prices this on a range of 1-5 (coming from 1 to 5; 1 is usually fatty tissue and 5 is usually carbohydrates) and this variety is based upon whether our company’re mainly shedding carbohydrates or body fat in that second. Lumen recommends a macro crack for the time, relying on your RER, your workout session for the time (you may input daily’s workout session in to the application), sleep, and previous time’s information. 

The Lumen was actually developed for those that wish to create lasting healthy modifications in their regular, or are mystified concerning why their progression and end results have actually slowed. It provides you customized information and a sound prepare for attaining your objective, whether it’s sporting activities functionality, body recomposition, body weight increase, effective weight loss, or metabolic wellness.

The simple fact that Lumen is thus transportable and handy is absolutely amazing. In recent, I’d considered locating a means to check my Respiratory Exchange Ratio, yet there wasn’t a quick and easy or handy technique to accomplish this. Lumen has actually been actually legitimized to comply with the gold specification for metabolic dimension within this research study. 

If you make a decision to buy, only mind to the internet site and you may select a registration bundle:

When package shows up, you’ll locate your Lumen, teachers for configuration, a billing dock, and a trip situation. 

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Features


Lumen possesses an “on” switch in the center that lights up when you push it. It simply remains on for a number of moments – only adequate opportunity for you to accomplish your breathing spells- and the electric battery lasts an incredibly number of years. I simply require to demand it concerning the moment weekly. 


The application is stunning and extremely quick and easy to browse. Within the application, you may watch your nutrition prepare for the time, get access to various short articles and information, conversation with help, and viewpoint previous information. The application also synchronizes with your Apple Watch and/or Garmin. They also possess an application FOR your Apple Watch and I had no suggestion. Adding this ASAP.

Customized nutrition strategy

At the best of the application, you’ll view your nutrition prepare for that time. It provides you particular macros, yet also only provides you carbohydrate portions in yellowish. A carbohydrate offering is concerning 15g of carbohydrates, or one cupped palm of carbohydrates. (Starchy veggies, reward, breadstuff, rice, grains, and so on.) If you don’t wish to track each of your macros, you may exclusively track carbohydrate consumption and view end results utilizing their strategy. I enjoy this technique due to the fact that the part dimension style is identical to what our company perform at Precision Nutrition. I also don’t think it’s realistic or sustainable to track/weight/measure ALL food for life, so I think they’re really setting up users for longterm success.

Flex score

Within the app, you can also see your Flex score, which is created after they have 4-8 weeks of data. Your flex score indicates your metabolic flexibility (I think 21 is the max), and you can see how your scores improve and change over over time. 

I’m a huge fan of assessing habits, and this app gives you real-time insight into how your habits affect your metabolism, plus tips on what you can perform to improve. 

How To Use The Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Device set-up

When you first receive your Lumen, simply plug in the USD charging dock and attach the Lumen to charge. The first charge took maybe 20 minutes. While the Lumen is changing, you can install the app on your phone, which will sync to Lumen using Bluetooth. 

Once it’s charged you can input your basic data, including age, weight, sample weekly workout schedule (you can adjust these each day but it’s nice to have an idea already in there), activity level, how long you typically fast each night, etc. From here, you can take your first breath reading!

First breath reading

It helps to watch this tutorial before taking your first reading. You’ll exhale a tiny bit out through your nose, then inhale deeply into the Lumen. Remove it from your lips, and keep your lips closed as you hold your breath. The Lumen will count down and tell you when to exhale. The inhales and exhales are deep and slow – like a long exaggerated deep breath. After having Rona, it felt so so good to use my lungs in this capacity. 

After you exhale into the Lumen, it will either indicate your reading  or ask you to do one more breath. Next, you’ll receive your credit rating on a scale of 1-5 (1 is burning mostly fats and 5 is burning mostly carbs). The *goal* is to blow a 1 or 2 in the morning for your first reading, indicating that your body has burned through dinner and switched to fat burning mode.

Remaining breath readings

Lumen recommends breath readings when you first wake up, before exercise (30 minutes), after exercise (30 minutes), before eating, after eating (1-2 hours to see a shirt), after fasting, and before sleeping. This can sound like a lot of readings, and it is. I recommend just doing your morning breath and before sleep breath to start, and then adding on from there.

Obviously, the more times you do it, the more data you’ll have, but it can be overwhelming to go from zero to 8+ readings per day. I always do the morning breath, before bed, and try to remember to check it before my workout and afterwards. When you check it before and after your workout, it can tell you whether you should fuel up with carbs (depending on the length and intensity of the workout you’re about to do, which you input into the application), and it may also tell you if you have shifted into fat burn following the workout. 

Using your nutrition plan and data

On your homepage in the Lumen App, you’ll view your nutrition plan for the day. From here, I recommend just keeping a tally in the notes app of your phone with carb servings for the day. You may be surprised by how many carbs they recommend, especially if you’re used to a low-carb or Keto diet.

Here’s the thing: your body needs carbs, and it LIKES them. Trust the process! In the Facebook group, there are incredible stories about people who used to be low-carb, switched to Lumen, and have seen significant fitness gains or weight loss.

Your data will give you insight into your habits and how they affect your credit rating. A high-carb meal or a lot of alcohol before bed can lead to a higher morning score, as can late-night meals, poor sleep, increased stress, overtraining. High cortisol leads to a higher score and inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat. (Genetics and age also play a part in metabolic function.) You can see how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your score and hack your metabolism by making tweaks to your routine. 

 Is The Lumen Metabolism Tracker Worth It?

I’m a huge fan of this device, and as someone who has tried multiple fitness gadgets, it’s right up there with the Oura ring for most valuable health/fitness device. I’ve only been using it for a month, but possess already learned so much about my body and just how it processes and uses energy throughout the day.

Some of my favorite things about it:

– I LOVE that it takes menstrual cycle into account, and notates where you are in your cycle within the app. It will give specific tips based on where you are in your cycle, like needing more fiber during post-ovulation to combat lower leptin levels. 

– Support. The support team is incredible and very responsive. I had a couple of questions initially and they responded right away. They also offer a free 30-minute intro call with an expert to help you get set up or answer any questions. 

– Sustainable individualized nutrition plan and NO extremes. I feel like this nutrition plan is the real deal. The macros I received were right in line with the macros I’d calculated for myself, with carb cycling based on my workout routine and boost days (which are like double the amount of carbs). I’m absolutely loving it so far and highly, highly recommend it. It’s a helpful tool if you want to track your metabolism and have any health or fitness-related goals.

If you’re interested in checking it out, click here and use the code FITNESSISTA for an extra 10% off.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section!

Are you a follower or fitness and healthy devices? What’s your favored one??



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