Enfants Fuguant Minion Intelligent échappant Capteur Infrarouge échappant Jouet Intelligent Fuguant Enfants Jouet Cadeau De Noël Pour Les Minions - Shopason Tv

Enfants fuguant Minion Intelligent échappant capteur infrarouge échappant jouet Intelligent fuguant enfants jouet cadeau de noël pour les Minions


The Intelligent Escaping Toy is an interactive toy that gives your kids and pets or even yourself a fun exercise. Using infrared motion sensitive technology, the Intelligent Escaping Toy will detect nearby objects and is programmed to automatically move away from them, stops when encountering an obstacle, and speeds off when someone gets close! Simply turn on and launch to get started, holding your hand above it will keep it running. A must have for fans of Minions, get the Escaping Toy today!

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