RealMe pulls an Apple MagSafe and releases its MagDart battery charger

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Realme is the 7th leading mobile phone brand name internationally, and it’s proliferating, thanks to its excellent cost point, exceptional innovation, and development. The business presented its 125W SuperDark battery charger in 2020. Realme simply revealed its brand name brand-new MagDart innovation, a magnetic cordless charging option to charge a smart device and connect extra devices to it.

Realme has actually presented a variety of brand-new items that support the business’s newest magnetic innovation, MagDart. MagDart is extremely comparable to Apple’s MagSafe innovation that can magnetically connect to the back of the gadget, using numerous brand-new devices to link and charge. The business has also revealed its very first principle gadget that supports the brand-new charging basic called Realme Flash.

For contrast, Realme has also shared how its MagDart innovation compares with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging innovation:


And here are the revealed MagDart devices and battery chargers:

  • MagDart Charger (Fastest): It’s a 50W battery charger that’s promoted to charge a 4,500 mAh battery in simply 54 minutes wirelessly, which is extremely outstanding and among the fastest on the marketplace today.
  • MagDart Charger (Thinnest): It charges at 15W, and it’s a little and portable battery charger.
  • MagDart Powerbank: It is connected to the back of the gadget and begins charging quickly.
  • MagDart Beautify Light: Like the remainder of the devices in this lineup, it connects to the back of the gadget and has 60 mini LEDs integrated to illuminate selfies and typical pictures. The lights can be turned to work for both the main electronic camera on the back or the front selfie electronic cameras. It also has a charging coil built-in to support cordless and reverse cordless charging.
  • MagDart Wallet: It connects to the back of the gadget, and it even consists of an aluminum stand and can hold up to 3 cards.
  • MagDart Case: It’s created for the Realme GT, and it offers assistance for the MagDart charging innovation while also supplying some defense versus drops and scratches.

Realme has also revealed the MagDart Fusion Plan that permits other business to use the innovation and execute it into their items, so it stays to be seen if other business will follow and join this freshly presented requirement.

    Realme GT

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