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Homeopathic assistance for your pet or feline’s oral concerns

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Discover exactly how homeopathy can easily aid alleviate oral concerns in your dog or feline partner. The health and wellness of your pet or feline’s pearly whites and gum tissues is essential to his high quality of life. The pain and pain brought on by swollen gum tissues and poor pearly whites can easily create […]

Seizures in felines: what family pet moms and dads require to understand

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Seizures in felines can be frightening – specifically if you don’t understand what they are or why they occur. Here’s some fundamental information that’ll assist you handle a fit if it happens. Seeing a cat have a seizure can be a truly distressing experience, especially if this is the first time. Below are a few […]

New study reveals most pandemic pet dogs and felines are still in their houses

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Submission Guidelines Thank you for your interest in composing for Animal Wellness. As the #1 natural health publication for animals in North America, we take pride in supplying our readers with the details they require to make sensible healthcare options for their animal buddies. Our publication accepts the whole holistic spectrum, from physical health concerns […]

A brand-new research study exposes that training approaches are connected to hostility in felines

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According to a current research study carried out by the University of Guelph, hostility in felines can be avoided with the best training methods. Cat moms and dads can play a crucial function in avoiding aggressive habits in their family pets, a University of Guelph research study recommends. Lead author Kristina O’Hanley, a PhD prospect […]

Supporting your feline’s kidneys with acupressure

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Regarded as “The Root of Life” in Chinese medication, the kidneys are essential to your feline’s health and survival. These acupressure sessions can assist support and revitalize her kidney function. Kidney conditions are really typical in felines, particularly as they age. Fortunately, you can take actions to not just assist avoid these issues from establishing, […]