The Trigger (and Answer) of Again and Neck Ache With Neck Shaper

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Little one: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

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Katie: Welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com. That’s wellnesse with an E on the top, my new private care line. I’m again in the present day with Eileen Durfee, who’s a former nuclear energy plant engineer and who has battled by loads of her personal well being issues to seek out shocking options. And on this one, we go deep on a special matter. I’ll hyperlink to our first episode within the present notes at wellnessmama.fm. However she has discovered a very revolutionary resolution that helps misalignment of spinal posture that’s associated to again and neck issues, particularly issues attributable to us dwelling in a contemporary society, and slouching over, and looking out down at telephones approach an excessive amount of. And we go deep into the causes and the options on this episode. The excellent news is it’s simpler than you’d count on. And he or she says we must always by no means do sit-ups once more. In order that and rather more on this episode. Let’s soar in. Eileen, welcome. Thanks for being right here once more.

Eileen: Oh, nicely, thanks for having me.

Katie: I feel this matter is particularly essential in in the present day’s world when issues like again and neck ache are on the rise, I’m guessing, partially as a result of we’re all gazing a cellphone as an alternative of holding our head the place it’s speculated to be. However we’re gonna delve into all of that in the present day. So, to start out broad, stroll us by, I do know that you simply’ve achieved some deep-dive analysis on this, however what are among the causes of again and neck ache?

Eileen: Properly, the primary factor is gravity. Folks don’t notice how a lot power your physique spends to carry you upright. And the primary drawback comes into play when you concentrate on the event of the spinal column. You realize, when infants are born, they’re, like, curled up in a C form, and so they can’t stroll as a result of they don’t have curvature of their backbone. So, you realize, they begin crawling and also you begin seeing the event of curves. But it surely actually takes 18 years to develop correct curvature and ossification or the hardness, the density of the bones. However guess what? Our athletic coaching system for the youth will not be doing the right workouts to provide everybody superb curvature. Most kids are usually not getting it, then, you realize, you have got repetitive accidents. I imply, I may go on and on about why, you realize, in America, simply on low again ache alone, we spend $100 billion a 12 months. And loads of these, you realize, cures, so to talk, surgical procedure, and this and that, don’t at all times work. How many individuals have had again ache? How many individuals have you learnt have again ache or continual again issues that they’ll’t eliminate? It’s an epidemic.

Katie: Yeah, completely. And positively, there’s a lot data on this. And I’m guessing there’s gonna be, like, some very clear and simple issues that folks simply haven’t considered. Like, as an example, I interviewed somebody as soon as, it was quite a bit about shoulder ache. And he advisable…he mentioned if individuals would simply grasp by their arms for 3 minutes a day, even when it was damaged up in little chunks however grasp, that will eradicate so lots of the causes of shoulder ache. Like, a part of that is that we’re not shifting how people had been meant to maneuver. And so it appears like that’s, form of, the identical factor that’s happening with our again in our neck, proper?

Eileen: Sure. Sure, it’s. And, you realize, we’ll floss and we’ll brush our tooth, those we wanna hold. However what are we doing to keep up correct curvature or get it should you by no means had it? You realize, we have now these, you realize, issues which are easy, such as you say, that we may do every day that will make an enormous distinction. And that’s due to my complete historical past of what I went by from the time I used to be born to various things that occurred to me why that is so major for me as a result of, you realize, everyone’s drained. Properly, let’s scale back the quantity of power your physique has to spend simply to exist in gravity. There are some nice issues that folks can implement to make a distinction of their lives.

Katie: So, let’s begin speaking by a few of these issues. Like I mentioned, I’m positive that there’s most likely, like, the two-part factor. One, we have to cease doing the issues which are inflicting the issue and doubtless we have to combine some issues which are gonna assist repair the issue. So stroll us by a few of these specifics.

Eileen: Okay. Properly, there’s loads of ahead head posture happening. You realize, whilst early as youngsters with heavy backpacks on their again and simply focusing down at gadgets and every little thing else, when you have got your head down, the pressure of gravity is big and your muscle tissue tighten up. And so, what do individuals do? They may go get a therapeutic massage to eliminate a good muscle or they may take Advil or muscle relaxers or, you realize, use CBD or no matter it’s. However the important thing issue you’re not taking a look at is the form in gravity. As a result of when you’ve got appropriate curvature, there’ll be, you realize, like 20 occasions much less the quantity of gravitational pressure activating the set off of the muscle tissue. So, identical to brushing and flossing your tooth, we have to do the neck flexion train. That can strengthen two muscle tissue that everybody forgets. You realize, we’re physique muscle overload. We’re doing all of those workouts to strengthen our muscle tissue however we’re not trying particularly on the muscle tissue that induce correct curvature. There’s the multifidus and the internal spinalis muscle tissue that we have to work. And we have now to do two issues concurrently so as to activate these.

So there’s one explicit train we developed, what we name the neck shaper, to place this facepiece in your face like a masks and it has a bar that you would be able to add resistance along with your fingers. However you may actually do a free physique train the place you arise and look as much as the ceiling along with your eyes. It’s naturally gonna carry your head all the way in which again in order that your brow and chin are, like, near horizontal to the ceiling. So, should you lookup, you realize, so that you’re stress-free and that’s the place the place of the train begins. So then you may take your fingers, your fingers, put them in your cheekbones, and start placing strain. And you then simply merely, like, you’re gonna nod your head, you carry your chin right down to a degree place, you realize, you’re placing that light pressure in opposition to the face. After which as soon as your chin is degree, you principally loosen up the neck muscle tissue. You retain the pressure in your cheeks along with your fingers and also you simply push your chin again, holding, you realize, your head again, holding your chin degree. And once you try this…you arise once you’re doing this. Whenever you try this correctly, your backbone’s truly gonna turn out to be extra versatile the place you truly start creating a curve within the decrease again.

And that is superb with this neck shaper, you realize, you may typically begin out, you realize, even with out the piece of apparatus, you may, like, do six of these each hour, simply gently. And there’s individuals with bulged discs, you realize, neck ache that radiates clear down into their arms and every little thing else. However that’s only a easy train that they’ll do throughout the day but additionally do issues like be sure that your pc monitor or your gadget is ready the place you may, you realize, hold your head to the purpose the place your chin is degree and also you take a look at it. You’re not cranking your neck to lookup. You’re not cranking your neck to look down. I imply, the rationale why we have now the neck shaper the place you possibly can actually, you realize, put some pressure and develop these neck muscle tissue, you realize, is in order that identical to you eat meals and meals will get between your tooth, you realize, once you floss it, you realize, brush, then every little thing’s again to regular, that’s the identical factor. Your physique is supposed to be versatile to look down, lookup. However after we’re not doing the issues to strengthen the multifidus and internal spinalis muscle tissue, you then step by step lose the curvature, after which muscle tissue get tight, after which ache develops.

Now, the neat factor about our backbone is that if we have now the right curvature, there’s these bones on the again, they’re known as sides, however what they do is that they interlock. When you have got the curvature of your backbone, the adjoining vertebrae have this bone-on-bone contact that’s tremendous robust. It’s like when you have got the curvature, your backbone can’t exit of whack as a result of it’s bone-on-bone that protects you from drifting out of form. However if you find yourself reaching, head down, or no matter, then these bones on the again don’t make contact. After which the muscle tissue which are holding you from having a slipped disc or a vertebra that goes out of whack is that multifidus and that internal spinalis muscle. And so we have to have pressure approaching prime of us. It’s thought-about anterior pressure. That’s your fingers in your cheekbones pushing, that’s anterior pressure.

Then it’s important to have some posterior assist. And, you realize we’ve obtained a complete line of spinal health tools popping out which have a specialised groove in it so you may arch your neck over it. And the little pointy bone on the again of your backbone is named a spinous. So if we are able to let that spinous float, not contact something, after which the perimeters of your vertebrae, these edges, these are known as the transverse course of, then they catch these shapes. It’s form of like, you realize, a prepare follows a prepare monitor. It’s like, we wanna do the identical factor for the backbone. So we wanna have a specific form beneath, then we wanna have pressure on prime, after which we wanna have muscular co-contraction. So this neck flexion that I described is simply important for anyone who’s utilizing any form of digital gadget.

After which we have now the neck shaper now. I imply, you possibly can even lay down on a flat bench, use some train bands on the bar on the neck shaper. You realize, you may wad up a towel beneath your neck and you possibly can do the neck flexion train that approach. There’s simply loads of issues that influence your physique, however like, if our neck is, like, ahead, you realize, between our hips, you realize, our torso and our head, if it’s a grand complete of 4 inches ahead…you realize, usually once you arise, the hamstrings have zero muscle effort. However let’s say from my waist to my head, I’m 4 inches ahead over the middle of my hips, that hamstring muscle shall be firing and tight, resisting 983 kilos. That’s mathematically calculated. So anyone can arise proper now listening to this podcast, arise the place you assume you’re straight, are your hamstrings tight? If they’re, you would not have the mechanical benefit, your physique’s spending power holding you in gravity that it doesn’t have to and also you’re carrying off edges of your bones, your scrunching discs, and inflicting untimely growing old. There’s every kind of issues to do with gravity. Gravity will not be your buddy except you have got the proper form.

Katie: That’s actually astounding. So over 900 kilos of strain, simply by way of misalignment. What about…? As a result of definitely, like again ache appears to be on the rise and neck ache as nicely. And I see individuals, like, on Instagram utilizing various kinds of again braces or these, form of, like, contraptions that pull their shoulders again. What do you concentrate on these? Does that assist counteract the neck misalignment in any respect?

Eileen: Properly, it principally treats the symptom. Like, you bought a flat tire as a result of there’s a nail in it, and also you refuse to take the nail out, however you’ll carry a compressed air can round to pump up your tire on a regular basis to take care of the gradual leak. That’s what I feel these issues are for. You realize, it’s good to go get a therapeutic massage, you realize, eliminate the tight muscle tissue nevertheless it’s like a bent crankshaft within the motor. You realize, I imply, for correct tolerances for every little thing to work, there’s sure alignment, you realize, that should occur. And it’s principally the curvature within the backbone that provides you the mechanical benefit. So, for correct correction, for therapeutic quicker from accidents, stopping accidents, what it’s good to do is purchase the form that’s most effective in gravity as a result of there’s like three curves within the backbone. You bought your neck curve, you realize, then your thoracic space curves again after which to a low again curve after which the sacral curve. So you have got these three curves that it’s good to correctly develop and preserve.

And, you realize, you gotta do what you gotta do. You realize, should you gotta do some traction, should you, you realize, do some issues that quickly relieve the ache, however individuals are gonna notice that these sorts of issues are like having a ball and chain round your ankle. You’re at all times having to do them since you at all times return to the purpose, you realize, the place you had been at. And so, it’s actually essential to have the leverage factors. Like, if someone’s gonna transfer an enormous rock, it’s actually huge and heavy, and so they get this lengthy bar and so they can put the bar down on the backside beneath that rock however then they put a bit of wooden or a block or one thing beneath it to allow them to get some leverage to drag on that and so they’ll be stronger. What we do is we put the physique over like that block, a fulcrum, after which we put pressure on prime, after which we induce the curvature by strengthening sure muscle tissue that solely might be strengthened when you’ve got simultaneous posterior assist, anterior assist, and muscular co-contraction, then it develops curvature the place you may…

I imply, I can take an athlete right here and check their hamstring tightness, check how far they’ll attain, and I can have them do 1 set of perhaps 10 to fifteen neck flexions, a sit-up over this arch. It’s obtained a special curvature than, like, an train ball. You don’t get the proper curvature simply arching over an train ball. So we have now a specialised cushion with the groove in it in opposition to…once you arch over it, you realize, you’re aligning your backbone, and also you’re doing these sit-ups. After which we have now one other cushion that you’ve got this pelvic tilt the place it’s obtained a form beneath and you place the pressure on prime. And I can do one set of every of these and rise up to 6-inch attain enchancment in an athlete the place they’ll arise and never have any tight hamstrings. They’re like going, “Man, I didn’t have to carry my shoulders again anymore. My shoulders are naturally…I really feel taller. I really feel lighter.” And that’s only one set of workouts.

And so, that’s my resolution. You realize, I virtually must snort once I see that factor on Instagram the place it has this little necklace that’s like an alarm so it may possibly sense once you’re hunching, so it vibrates and it goes off. You realize, so anyone with extreme again ache, you realize, simply telling them to face up straight doesn’t imply a lot. Like, me, I used to be virtually a miscarriage. My hips got here out twisted. I needed to put on, like, particular sneakers. Each time I walked, my one knee hit the opposite one. I used to be in continual ache. I imply, among the eighth graders grew 9 inches in three months. And I by no means obtained that curvature. Then I used to be run over in a car parking zone by a automotive. I couldn’t even breathe with out extreme ache like someone was stabbing me a number of occasions within the chest. So, I’ve been by it with again ache.

And I got here to know a chiropractor. He’s, you realize, handed on. However he did some improbable work with the U.S. Olympic group and NFL groups, simply so occurs loads of those that win all of the Tremendous Bowls as a result of he taught them these workouts. And, you realize, I used to be instructed I’d by no means be capable to carry my fingers over my head after the automotive ran me over. But it surely was by these workouts that I’ve used just about my complete life which have stored me…I imply, I’ve obtained good bone density. I don’t have any deteriorating discs. I don’t have…A bunch of edges in my bones wore off. And I do know that it’s simply correct care of the physique to get it into the form and gravity as a result of gravity is gonna win. It’s such as you see, you realize, infants are C form, take a look at all of the previous individuals, they’re, like, bent over holding a cane and strolling. See they’ve misplaced their curvature. The longer you may get and preserve that curvature, the extra cell you’re gonna be, the much less ache you’re gonna have.

Katie: That makes full sense. I’ve mentioned so many occasions, I feel we are able to study a lot from youngsters. And positively, motion is a type of issues. Like, should you watch a child that’s simply discovered the right way to stroll, as soon as they get their stability, their squat is ideal. They usually use their complete physique after they transfer. And if we attempt to sustain with them, I’m fairly positive we’d be exhausted in about 12 minutes. However we are able to study so, a lot from them. And I’ve additionally heard you say that there’s a couple of in style workouts that folks do that really can weaken the core construction and make a few of these issues worse. And I really feel like there’s undoubtedly some misadvice happening. So, are you able to stroll us by what you imply by that?

Eileen: Proper. Properly, loads of, you realize, the athletes are doing loads of workouts to strengthen their muscle tissue. You realize, and so they’re not taking a look at, you realize, have they got appropriate impartial posture or do they a flat decrease again, you realize? There’s simply loads of completely different belongings you gotta consider on an athlete to know whether or not they need to be doing these heavy, heavy squats or whether or not they need to stop doing the leg curls with the knee joint, and various things like that. You realize, I’ve heard, like, even with Tom Brady, now, he doesn’t do weightlifting. Every little thing’s about mobility and suppleness. So I feel that’s beginning, you realize, to return round. However there’s an analysis that must be achieved on an individual after which to have the ability to add, you realize, or modify, you realize, the workouts. So, it’s actually onerous as a result of it’s, you realize, so individualized, you realize, for individual, you realize, to individual so far as what they need to do.

However basically, for exercising the higher physique, you realize, what’s good for it, you realize, dips are good. Pull-ups are good. You realize, pec deck issues are good. And once you isolate leg and arm muscle tissue, you gotta be sure that it does one thing to the place it’s not placing stress on the posture of your backbone, like on the again of the backbone. Like, strict standing or seated bicep curls or squats could cause the posterior again muscle tissue to work to stabilize that weight mass when it goes ahead from the spinal column. You realize, so regardless that they’re meant for leg or arm, you’re actually exercising these again muscle tissue, which is a poor mechanical benefit, you realize.

So, you realize, like, modify the curls, you realize. Just be sure you’re utilizing a type of tilted benches to cease the pressure from reaching the again as a result of, you realize, like, I do know myself, like, you realize, I’ve an previous damage in my proper shoulder. So I tend…you realize, I can’t carry as a lot with that arm and I’ll effort extra, and so it can pull on my low again extra on the proper aspect than on the left aspect. You realize, in order that’s all dangerous. You realize, so leg presses for muscle tissue on the entrance of the leg, loads of occasions, you realize, these athletes which have considerably good curvature may nonetheless do loads of gentle with loads of reps. But when they begin doing actual heavy and do these items, then it’s going to put a pressure on their low again. And that’s the place loads of, like, the soccer gamers and make contact with accidents are gonna have issues. You realize, so these are just a few issues.

So what we must always keep away from. So again extension, bent over slides, seated rows, that causes the posture of your again muscle tissue to make use of straight within the train, form of like a pressure of impact. So we don’t wanna activate the posture of your again muscle tissue for use as major movers, you realize, in train. So, you realize, you are able to do different workouts to strengthen these muscle tissue with out doing these. So we simply wanna scale back accidents to the again, however strengthen our muscle tissue and strengthen our core.

Katie: That is sensible. I’ve been experimenting with weightlifting extra on this previous 12 months, however attempting to ensure I’ve the mobility earlier than that and with it as nicely, utilizing good kind, however I’ve turn out to be an enormous fan of something body weight associated. Like, pull-ups or climbing or issues that use our physique in pure methods, I really feel like that’s helped my mobility a ton, but additionally simply because it requires, like, the motion of each arms and each legs. And it looks like a way more deep core exercise than simply doing, as an example, like, crunches or a few of these issues they are saying which are supposed to assist our core health. I discover that extra pure human actions, once more, like infants would do are a lot extra helpful for the core. Is that what you discover as nicely that, like, there’s, like, a deep core motion past simply what we consider as core workouts?

Eileen: Yeah, nicely, see these typical core workouts are usually not strengthening the multifidus or the internal spinalis muscle tissue. So it’s not inducing correct curvature. It’s truly stressing and over-strengthening sure muscle tissue that make you lose curvature. So sure, the motion with out the weights is de facto good, however there’s an actual lack in the entire business to have the ability to say, “Okay. You are able to do these workouts three to 5 days every week for eight weeks and we are able to get you again to regular posture.” Who can say that? No person. As a result of they don’t have the flexibility to induce that curvature. And it’s truly gonna be extra than simply the neck shaper. Now we have the neck shaper proper now and we’re proper now pouring…we’re getting the densities proper on the froth cushions which have the groove just like the prepare monitor for the neck and for the low again, and we’re gonna have them in 5 completely different diameters and three completely different densities as a result of everyone’s at a special spot. They’re both actually injured, tremendous ahead head posture, tremendous flat again.

We obtained all these items we gotta take care of, so we obtained a special cushion the place someone can then do a twist and lay over these items, you realize, so that you get your discs the place they go from a sponge to a liquid. You lay over this, it induces the proper form. You loosen up. Gravity, you realize, will not be your enemy anymore. Bones truly drift the place you’re laying on this. After which increase, after 20 minutes, your discs go from a liquid state again to a foam state, and also you rise up and it’s, like, completely superb what you do. That’s like brushing your tooth. You simply try this day-after-day. After which we’re gonna have the cushion. Now, we obtained completely different top of individuals, plus we obtained completely different densities, that’s obtained the groove in it. It’s the one which’s utilized by the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants, and the Jets. All of them have this. Marcus Paul, God relaxation his soul, earlier than he handed away, he had known as me wanting extra as a result of he discovered my identify with Dr. Sugar. However Dr. Sugar handed on and he was only a loopy mad scientist. And all these NFL groups, they don’t need anyone else to know that they obtained the key to, you realize, run quicker, soar more durable, push more durable, and never get dislocations and every little thing like this, however the common inhabitants wants it.

So it’s like a cushion. They’ll have an built-in neck factor on it. And also you principally do three workouts, and it’s transformational. I don’t know. There was a man who rented one in all our household industrial buildings and his child fell off of a trampoline, and he’d gone to all of the bodily therapists and every little thing however he was having these seizures day-after-day. He was over right here and I had these ugly foam reject cushions that we’ve been enjoying round with densities, and surfaces, and all that. So I taught him the right way to do the again twist and to put down on these cushions. And the dad obtained ahold me every week later and he says he’s by no means had a seizure since. Now, this has been, you realize, virtually a 12 months now. And this child takes these cushions with him all over the place in his backpack and he does them faithfully day-after-day.

I imply, there was one other man in California that obtained one in all my prototype neck shapers, and actually, he was scheduled for neck surgical procedure. And nothing would eliminate his neck ache. Three days of doing the neck shaper, simply six reps like each hour, it’s identical to having this little gadget there and also you simply do it. You realize, you don’t put loads of strain on. You don’t harm your self or something however simply he stretches. After three days, all of his ache was gone and he’s canceled his surgical procedure. Now, that’s been 5 months, nonetheless no want for surgical procedure. It’s simply gravity. Oh my gosh.

So, you realize, we gotta do every little thing we are able to to appropriate our curvature since you gotta notice that these tight muscle tissue are there to let you know, “Don’t drift any farther out of whack. It’s gonna worsen. It’s gonna be worse in your physique.” So it’s a self-protective mechanism. We’re getting tight muscle tissue. So we obtained to induce the proper form after which the muscle tissue will loosen up. You’ll have higher rotation and mobility. So, yeah, it’s identical to, that is my ardour to get this out to the world as a result of it’s simply not being taught. I imply, it shouldn’t be…nobody ought to ever do a daily sit-up, ever. If it’s important to, take a sleeping bag, a rolled-up sleeping bag as a result of the blow-up train ball, the curvature will not be proper. Like, roll up a sleeping bag after which arch over that sleeping bag, you realize, bend your knees, have your butt on the bottom, arch again over, and also you’re gonna discover out you’re not gonna be capable to arch again over very far.

However that’s okay. Simply go so far as you may, form of, like, grasp your head, after which simply don’t curl your chin right down to your chest. You simply, form of, lead along with your chest and do, like, a sit-up and arch over that. You realize, I simply say, “Don’t do any extra situps.” You gotta arch over that. After which you possibly can have, like, your buddy put resistance in your chest by placing their fingers in your pec muscle tissue and simply common resistance as you attempt to sit up. That’s your anterior pressure. You bought your form. I imply, it doesn’t have the groove like our tools should actually, like, stretch the vertebrae and align it as you’re doing the train, however you’re gonna get the muscular co-contraction. You’re gonna get the pressure, and it’s gonna strengthen the multifidus and the internal spinalis muscle tissue and begin creating that low again curve that you simply want.

And so far as, you realize, I talked about doing the again twist and laying down over some cushions, you should use specifically folded tub towels. Principally, you are taking a shower towel and also you fold it in half so it’s not lengthy anymore, you then fold in every finish in order that they don’t contact one another so there’s a few 1-inch hole within the center, you then roll it up and you are taking rubber bands on both aspect as a result of relying on how fluffy your tub towel is, you may obtain completely different diameters of that roll. Okay? So that you wanna be capable to modify that. So, once you place these rolls, you’re gonna want two of them, one in your low again, one in your neck. So 1 inch, simply discover the highest of your hip bones once you’re sitting down. You’ll find the iliac stating. So, you place the low again roll 1 inch above that in, you realize, the small of your again. And now the neck, you roll up a type of towels to the place it simply fills the opening. So the again of your head simply barely touches the bottom, kind of, you realize, filling up that complete curvature.

However earlier than you lay down on these towels, you principally simply sit on a daily chair. It’s like once I used to play the cello. My trainer would say, “Sit in your bones.” It was such as you’d arch ahead along with your hips to the place you had been sitting in your pelvic bones, you realize. After which you may simply principally hold your chin degree and put your arms out like a 90 diploma, form of like a rooster wing, you realize, you then fake like there’s a rod going by your head all the way in which down by your pelvis. So that you’re holding that column straight, okay? You then rotate. You lead along with your eyes, and look again, and also you arch, and also you simply rotate, you realize, the place your elbow goes all the way in which again. So, you simply travel, backwards and forwards, you try this rotation, main along with your eyes, you realize, then what that does is it pumps blood within the vessels close to the discs, and it causes the rotation or hydration to enter the discs however extra blood stream and it adjustments the discs from that dense foam to extra like a liquid.

So, then we would like you instantly to put down over these two towels I described. One for the low again, one for the neck. You lay down, you realize, along with your legs straight so that you’re simply supine on the ground for 20 minutes. Then once you rise up, don’t do a sit-up, roll over to your aspect and push up along with your fingers. And it’s such as you can be amazed. You realize, if any listeners have any tight muscle tissue, ache, simply utilizing the towels and doing that train shall be transformational for you. And so, that’s why we’re developing with three densities. You realize, tender for the injured, medium for the newbie, and onerous for the athlete. After which we have now the 5 completely different diameters. So, as your curvature begins to extend, then you may change the diameter and have that assist, you realize, in your backbone. And so, you realize, it’s like having had again ache, it’s like you may’t actually deal with a lot of the rest. It’s simply so onerous and it consumes a lot power. I’ve a lot empathy for those who are actually going by it, and that’s lots of people.

Katie: It completely is. And positively, the options you’re speaking about, studying to maneuver higher and have higher posture and work with gravity as an alternative of in opposition to it after which have these instruments just like the neck shaper, are a a lot simpler and extra pure, and likewise much less painful different than issues like surgical procedures or steroids or so lots of the issues which are supplied as the primary line of remedy. And I do know…to not say that there’s by no means a spot for these issues however definitely, we’re seeing all these issues rise and it’s definitely not from a steroid deficiency or a again surgical procedure deficiency. So it’s so significantly better to, like, what you’re doing and deal with that root trigger and determine the right way to get our our bodies again in alignment and such as you talked about, the entire advantages that go along with that. And to not point out, letting go of these a whole lot of kilos of additional strain that don’t must be on our backbone simply from studying the right way to stand, and transfer, and exist like a traditional human once more, and notice we weren’t meant to stare down at a display screen all day lengthy. I learn that, you realize, our heads are so heavy, even simply that small tilt ahead to take a look at a display screen continuously vastly adjustments every little thing as a result of every little thing stems from the neck. And also you’ve talked about that and defined how principally, that’s a ripple impact all the way in which down, primarily, our complete total physique.

Eileen: Yeah, and folks don’t notice, you realize, that our mind, all of the nerves that management every little thing in our physique goes by the spinal column. After which the dura has these little sheaths the place the nerves, you realize, come out in between vertebrae to go feed and management, you realize, the nervous system as a result of we’ve obtained the parasympathetic nervous system, you realize, we obtained the sympathetic nervous system. You realize, we obtained issues going to on a regular basis in our physique. And, you realize, simply having pinched nerves…you realize, someone might be complaining of digestion and it might be a lack of curvature within the mid-back, pinching nerves within the again. You realize, after which we’re simply, you realize, sure, enzymes and we’re like combining meals and we’re doing all this type of stuff to enhance our digestion, but when our nerves are pinched that provide the organ the stimulation to operate usually, you’re not gonna win.

And so, there’s simply that element that we actually want to consider, the form of that backbone, you realize, and the way after we do get correct curvature, due to the design, bone-on-bone is so robust, simply think about with correct curvature, the way it’s, like, tremendous onerous in your backbone to exit of whack. It’s like, these days, you realize, we’ve obtained every kind of issues, even our tissues are usually not as resilient as they was once as a result of we obtained issues with copper toxicity. So our complete connective tissue, it’s form of like a spiderweb that doesn’t have each horizontal and vertical assist members, you realize. So we obtained dietary points which are contributing to, you realize, backbone issues, again ache, these sorts of issues as nicely. You realize, so I’m an amazing proponent…I don’t assume there’s any silver bullet for something. However, you realize, we have now to, form of, take a look at gravity as a significant contributor. Sure, let’s do some good weight loss program. Sure, let’s detoxify. Sure, let’s get some sleep. Let’s watch the solar. You realize, we do all these items collectively and it’s gonna actually make a distinction.

Katie: Agreed. And I’ve been taking notes whilst you’ve been speaking to place within the present notes at wellnessmama.fm. There can even be a hyperlink there to the neck shaper so that you guys can see that. I’ve obtained one and I’ve been utilizing it at my home. And I do discover an actual distinction in my head alignment and simply the strain in my head, and my neck, and my jaw once I use that recurrently. And I don’t even take a look at my cellphone most likely as a lot as lots of people do. So undoubtedly we’ll have that data there at wellnessmama.fm so that you guys can discover it and study extra. I’ll additionally, in fact, hyperlink to our different podcast episodes. Folks can study from our first one as nicely and from your entire different merchandise. And also you mentioned that you’ve got extra merchandise approaching this. And, in fact, it is a matter that appears to be getting more and more essential. So, I feel we’ll must do one other spherical ultimately and deal with some questions we’ll get from this one.

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However Eileen, thanks a lot. This has been such a enjoyable episode. Any parting recommendation or guide suggestions you’d like to go away with individuals in the present day?

Eileen: Properly, actually one in all my favourite books is “Your Physique’s Many Cries for Water.” I feel I actually do agree with Dr. Batmanghelidj that 80% of illness is since you’re dehydrated. However one of many elements in there that actually pertains to the again is your physique is not going to feed water to your spinal discs, these cushions, should you’re dehydrated as a result of there’s extra essential issues like your bone marrow. I imply, there’s a hierarchy, proper? You realize, you don’t have sufficient water, you begin depriving your joint cartilage, and your discs, and your backbone. And the motion, the versatile motion that you are able to do helps to pump water in there to plump that up to allow them to do extra of their job so that you’re much less compressed, you’re much less tense. However, you realize, keep hydrated, that’s what I gotta say. That’s, like, probably the most essential issues.

Katie: That’s an amazing one. Yeah, definitely, and that strains up, I really feel like with the mobility and good posture as nicely as a result of I’ve learn that our joints, since they’re not built-in, they don’t have blood stream that goes to them, and that’s how they get vitamins is thru hydration and motion. So on the subject of joints, we want hydration and motion. In order that’s such an ideal level to finish, I consider. And like I mentioned, we’ll must do one other spherical someday quickly. However I’m an enormous fan of the neck shaper. You guys undoubtedly test it out. And Eileen, thanks in your time.

Eileen: Oh, you’re welcome.

Katie: And thanks guys, as at all times, for listening, for sharing your worthwhile sources, your time and your power, with us in the present day. We’re so grateful that you simply did, and I hope that you’ll be part of me once more on the following episode of the “Wellness Mama” podcast.
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