Top 5 Gadgets for blog editors in 2021

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Being a blogger, you may need multiple tools. Without perfect tools, you can not even record a single video for your blog or any event to become prominent. For a blogger, it is important to keep the public connected with him.

It is because he is a public figure. He will lose his charm if he does not make connection with his viewers. So, we have decided to discuss the top 5 gadgets that you must have for perfect blogging or vlogging.

List of top 5 gadgets for bloggers

Here we are going to discuss some important and necessary instruments for your work. You should not avoid any of them for proper working and efficient outcomes.

  1. Device Screen Amplifier

Enjoy comfortable video viewing with this magical screen amplifier that will relieve eyes from squinting to help prevent visual fatigue. The phone screen magnifier acts like a projector and magnifies your phone’s screen 2 to 3 times. This will also help to relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focusing on a small phone screen.

Easy to carry 

This accessory is lightweight and foldable. So that you can take it anywhere you go and for any occasion. No battery is needed because of which you will never have to worry about recharging your screen magnifier. With HD zoom optical technology, you can enjoy movies magnified for a theater-like experience wherever you are.


Enjoy its portable, lightweight, foldable design and use this accessory for indoor events, out camping, on vacation, trips, and anywhere. It has hands free design with an adjustable phone holder stand. So, you can free your hands when using this cell phone screen magnifier to watch films and videos.

3D Amplifier

More than a screen magnifier, our must-have accessory also features a 3D screen amplifier. It will boost picture quality with built-in HD-zoom optical technology. This stand is suitable for all smartphones and models. Simple and stylish, choose this stand as the perfect holiday gift for your friends or loved ones.

  1. Waterproof LED Light Work Gloves

Have you ever felt handy while fishing in low-lit places or the dark? Then surely you would know that without an extra hand, you are usually forced to hold the flashlight in your teeth or under your armpit. It can slip and slide to fall out of your hands. It is annoying and unsafe for your enjoyable moments.

Versatile Material

With these Waterproof LED Light Work Gloves, you do not have to worry about that anymore. These fingerless gloves with LED lights are perfect for plumbers and mechanics. These are handy for electrical work, fishing, camping, and many other tasks.

Variable Size

Now you do not have to worry about struggling with handheld lights or time of day to get things done. It has been made from breathable, lightweight, flexible fabric in addition to adjustable Velcro. These gloves work great to fit all arms and hands.

Long Battery life

You can wear them for as long as you need to. You can trust them to keep your work area well and safe. The LED lights can last up to 168 hours that is much time for enjoyment at such places.

  1. Integrated Handheld Mobile Game Controller

Feel the game perfectly

Bid sore fingers and cramped hands adieu with this handheld controller reminiscent of those from game consoles. The controller holds onto smartphones perfectly for elevated gameplay like never before.

With two clip-on triggers at the top and a mechanical button made of conductive silicone and zinc alloy to stick onto your screen. The controller handle is made of high-quality ABS plastic for a sturdy yet lightweight hold.

It is a Game of Four Fingers 

The two clip-on triggers allow you to have extra help with micro-operations in games that are often neglected by hand control. They enable you to simultaneously shoot from both sides while switching angles. It is just efficient as our wireless charger stand.

  1. Mini Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser

This is a min portable Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard and wireless projection keyboard for a computer. It can be used for phones and laptops with its mouse function. The Laser Keyboard is a highly portable modern keyboard that could fit your pocket.

High-Quality Product

It is a high-quality piece of technology that can make any flat surface an instant keyboard. It is compatible with the latest equipment Windows XP / VISTA 7,8, Windows Phone 7, IOS4 5,6 (iPhone and iPad) Android 3.1, and later, Mac OS X.

Best Keyboard

Due to all such features, it is kept inside the best buy phone accessories list by many researchers. You will find it in the top list of accessories for the smartphone. You can easily buy this product from our platform with simple clicks.

  1. Robot Cameraman

It is hard to make Vlogs or record lives for Instagram being a one-person team. You can get the help of what we like to call our “Robot Cameraman”. This smart-shooting phone holder stand has built with a gimbal to stabilize your phone.

You can rotate 360 degrees to film vertically and horizontally. This all-in-one stand is all you will need to go hands-free for your content making.

Your Multifaceted Photographer

With smart motion-capture technology, this phone holder transforms your phone into your on-demand photographer. You can free up your hands and allow this gimbal phone holder to follow your movement.

Note the holder does not have wheels and stays stationary. But the holder moves along with our phone to capture you when you are within the frame. It will work for videos and photos.

Face Tracking and Intelligent Shooting

Phone accessories cross into A.I. technology with face and movement detection technology. It has a built-in feature to hold the phone, capture clear and focused video. Its ultra-sharp sensors will enable to do this for efficient outcomes. In photo mode, the holder will turn to where you go, focus on your location, and take pictures automatically in increments of three seconds.

A Great Solution for Events of All Kinds

No more designating someone as a photographer or hiring a professional. All you need is this intelligent phone holder, a smartphone, and the Apai Genie app. You can connect your phone to your holder with the app and discover a dependable, ultra-sharp solution for everything from lectures to sporting events, presentations, YouTube Vlogging, Instagram lives, and many others.


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