ZIWI: Raw food satisfies advantage with air-dried advancement

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Air drying out innovation secure the benefits of this particular firm’s uncooked active ingredients, producing ready-serve, raw-inspired nutrition for canines and pussy-cats.

Choosing the right diet for your feline or pet shouldn’t must be actually challenging. But with such a wide variety of items to pick from, and a great deal opposing relevant information out certainly there, you might really feel prevented and annoyed, and wind up sticking with what you understand. To aid you shorten your selections, permit’s emphasis below on air-dried household pet meals – what they are, and why they’re ending up being thus prominent.

Slowly and carefully air-dried

The staff at ZIWI is happy to become worldwide innovators and pioneers of air-dried household pet meals. Unlike regular dry out meals that are mass-produced and prepared at heats, their meals are handcrafted and carefully air-dried in their New Zealand-located kitchen spaces. The lead integrates the nutrition of uncooked diet plans with the advantage of dry out meals – just gather and offer!

Ethical and maintainable component sourcing

Good food begins with excellent active ingredients, and that features moral sourcing. Rooted in New Zealand lifestyle, ZIWI’s planters and anglers think totally in their duty as kaitiaki, guardians of the property and ocean. Ethics and durability aren’t merely requirements at ZIWI – they’re a means of life.

PEAKPREY™ dishes with Z-BOOST™ superfoods

Perfect for predators, ZIWI’s PeakPrey™ dishes are natural and straightforward. They’re wealthy in core and body organs and without excessive carbs like surfaces, white potato, or pudding carbohydrate. For the best dietary improvement, every ZIWI Peak dish also includes a lowest of 10% Z-BOOST™ superfoods – a mix of cold-washed environment-friendly tripe or chicken center, entire New Zealand environment-friendly mussel, and natural kelp. Z-BOOST™ superfoods are attributes’s giant resource of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to sustain mind, soul, and shared functionality, while supporting skin and coating wellness.

Plenty of selection

ZIWI Peak air-dried dishes are readily available in single-protein and multi-protein choices and are also given in a variety of paté-style beefy bun dishes, thus your pet or feline is certain to locate one he enjoys. All dishes are appropriate for all species and life phases, featuring pups, kitties, and elderly pussy-cats and canines.

Tip: Try supplying as a nourishing mattress topper sprayed on your pet or feline’s existing food, and observe just how he likes it!

Good canines also ought to have a bag of ZIWI Good Dog Rewards, or an eat or delight, having approximately 100% pork, body organs, and bone tissue. Just like ZIWI Peak air-dried dishes, their chews, alleviates, and perks are all carefully air-dried to nail down attributes’s benefits.

To learn even more, and shop the air-dried selection for pussy-cats and canines, go to ziwipets.com/air-dried.

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